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Program Name

Supportive Housing Program

Program Director

Confesora Castoire

Secondary Contact
Michael J. Ealy
Director of Mental Health Services

Year Opened

Supported Housing II opened April 2000, Supported Housing III May 2001, Supported Housing IV May 2007, Supported Housing V and VI 2013.

Contracted Census

103 total of the combine units SH II-24, SH III-30, SH IV- 14, SH V-30, SH VI-5.


The individuals in our program have a weak support network that includes family and friends. This is one of the major obstacles to the individual in becoming part of mainstream society. They often have lost touch with their families through homelessness, or alienated them by behaviors with which their families were unable to understand and /or cope. We successfully house individuals with a mental illness from multiple previous environments including homelessness, psychiatric hospitalizations, nursing homes and other treatment facilities, to provide supports that facilitate successful quality community independent living.

Recent Work

UPS has begun serving: people currently residing in nursing homes into the community and providing the necessary supports through collaboration with collateral health care providers and social services organizations. Additionally, UPS also has begun serving high user of Medicaid Redesigned Team (MRT) consumers from shelters and psychiatric centers.

Future Goals

Over the past 21 years, Unique People Services (UPS) has committed to providing housing opportunities and supports services to individuals with co-occurring needs utilizing a holistic and non-judgmental approach to those in need.

  • The goal is to continuum of housing and expand the population being served and the housing opportunities available across Westchester and additional boroughs within NYC.
  • To ensure strong and stable community reintegration and well adjusted independent living