Health Homes Program

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Health Homes Program

Program Director

Secondary Contact
Michael J. Ealy
Director of Mental Health Services


Health Home is a care management service model that promotes the unilateral communication of an individual’s caregivers. Through this service model we ensure that all of an individuals needs are addressed in a comprehensive manner so they receive everything necessary to stay healthy. The service is provided to outside individuals and UPS individuals enrolled in Medicaid and have two or more chronic medical conditions or have a single qualifying condition such as HIV/AIDS or a Serious Mental Illness (SMI). We accept referrals through NYC Health and Hospital Corporation.


UPS Health Home successfully utilizes peer support, support groups and self-care programs to increase enrollees’ health knowledge about their disease, engagement and self-management.


Our objective is to expand our services and to continue to provide a safe, comfortable supportive environment that assists individuals in becoming healthy.