Unique People Services is dedicated to providing homes and supportive services to individuals with challenging needs. UPS operates 12 supportive housing and supported programs in Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx for formerly homeless persons living with AIDS, permanent housing for adults with developmental disabilities, and transitional and permanent housing for adults with mental illnesses. Recently UPS was awarded a contract to operate a Care Coordination Program for our HIV/AIDS population in the Bronx in partnership with Montefiore Medical Center.


Over the past two years, UPS has contracted to work with major colleges to provide field placements for social work interns. The internships at our sites create an experimental and clinical environment for social work interns, giving opportunities to graduate students.

UPS gives interns a valuable experience where they are supervised by other licensed social workers in the agency. The social work discipline allows interns to develop skills in working with communities, organizations, groups and individuals.


Social Work internship placements are available for 5 to 10 students on the graduate level annually who are planning careers in working with people with mental illness, people living with AIDS, and people with developmental disabilities. Interns are orientated into the agency and meetings are held quarterly during the year to enhance the understanding and knowledge on how each department operates. There is also time allotted during these meetings for discussing and resolving issues that may come up in their placements. These meetings function as a support group for all of our interns ensuring that their internship experience is meaningful at UPS.