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Yvette Brissett-Andre speaks to News 12 The Bronx about Being Recognized for her Outstanding Work in the Community

BRONX - One Bronx resident is being recognized for her efforts in helping individuals with developmental disabilities, HIV and AIDS.

For the past eight years, Yvette Brissett-Andre has been helping countless people at Unique People Services in the Bronx.

"This is a 24-hour facility, so you constantly have to be in touch because there's always incidents and emergencies that come up, and you have to be prepared for those things when you walk in," says Brissett-Andre.

Brissett-Andre is being awarded the Bronx Chamber of Commerce's Best of the Bronx award for her service to the community.

She says her main focus in life is her family and building strong connections with the people she helps, providing housing and programs for those who once felt neglected.

Brissett-Andre says in a few months Unique People Services will be opening their first 94-unit affordable housing complex called Lynn's Place. She says their hope it to continue to expand.

"If you have a developmental disability. If you have HIV and aids people just want to be valued, love and respected," she says.

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